⭑ New York –Doughnuts…Donuts…Doughnuts…Doughnuts…

An emblematic pastry shop of American culture, we set out on our quest for the best donut in New York. With or without icing, filled or not, there will be something for everyone. Be careful they are not to be put in any hands, especially in those on a diet. It’s rich, it’s greedy, it’s dirty but what’s good 😋!

In our search for a doughnut that doesn’t stick too much to the palate, we tried 3 different shops. These choices being based on a very serious algorithm, crossing criticisms on various applications, bloggers’ feedback, guides and random walks New York 🙂
3 only because…our stomachs were not able to ingest more… We were not sufficiently prepared for so much fat/sugar.

For those who remember, our culinary adventure in Saint Malo had been somewhat battered by a delicious but nevertheless very hearty doughnut (“Hector’s doughnut killed me”)

We offer you here 4 brands/addresses to test quality doughnuts with the possibility to taste different new flavors and combinations every day, even if you stay one month in New York! So here are our addresses in Donuts!

⭑ Address to Donuts: THE DOUGHNUT PROJECT ⭑

For Mademoiselle, the best address in Donuts to date, with different flavours that vary every day alongside the classics, we serve you here light doughnuts with interesting and delicious flavours, they are already on a human scale and the brioche is as light as you want with a icing to fall, and especially not greasy!
We tried one of today’s proposals, the “lemon love letter”. Totally validated, it was finished in 10 minutes after its purchase. Hence the absence of other photos… It was necessary to take it on oneself not to swallow it!

Attention! There’s only one sign in Manhattan! It is in Greenwich village, near Washington Square, with some tables and a nice shop to sit and enjoy.

First prize: $3.75.

Address to Donuts:DOUGHNUT PLANT ⭑

Our steps also led us to a Doughnut Plant that we had found not far from our hotel, not far from the Flatiron. There are several in New York, 2 in Manhattan, 1 in Queens and 1 in Brooklyn.

Attention point history… Here the doughnut is a family story. Doughnut dough has been kneaded for about a century, and shops have even been opened in the Japan and we invent square doughnuts filled with jam.
Here too, creations will turn your head but be careful in your experiments before throwing yourself on UFOs such as “Brooklyn blackout”, “doughnut cakes” such as carrot cake or red velvet with cream cheese icing… They are really consistent… We ate them in several stages… over several days 😁 .But it is an experience to live and their decoration is worth a visit.
Welcome to the land of doughnuts!

Starting Price: $2.50

Address to Donuts:DOUGH ⭑

Always close to home, we tried Dough, of which we heard the greatest good among our friends and/or bloggers.
Here again the doughnuts are BIG and imposing but delicious and above all very low in fat.
This is the second time we have written this because we often tend to find that a thin film of fat remains on the palate after the doughnuts are ingested. This is an impression that comes up quite often.
For this time everything went well with a chocolate that was not at all disgusting and well balanced. The same goes for lemon and its poppy seeds.

But once again, they are huge! We shared one, the chocolate one, and the other was finished by Monsieur the next day (so they hold the night-crash test:))…To give you an idea of the object! But perhaps we have delicate stomachs?
There are several in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Starting price: $3

For the irreducible, who need a doughnut at any time (or almost), there are still the Dunkin Donuts, as numerous as the Starbucks. No need to give you any information, there are some on every street corner in New York and some are open very late or even 24 hours a day like the one at Rockefeller Center.
Yes they are fat, of poor quality and we don’t really know how they are made, but well… We have to admit that when we need one, at $1.39 and we don’t really know if we’re going to find a dose quickly, then yes… We crack… 😋

Address to Donuts:IF COFFEE ⭑

Every morning we have our breakfast ritual at If Coffee. We sit in front of the window and make our plans on the comet of the day. In addition to their quality tea and delicious chai tea latte, we have recently discovered some great donuts. As a result of our investigation, we learned that they were sourcing from Underwest Donuts. Light, without the taste of fat stuck to the palate and they shouldn’t stay on your stomach!
Feel free to ask yourself at this famous If Coffee. Located just a stone’s throw from Macy’s and the Empire State Building, it is a tiny haven of peace where you can observe the New York ant farm and regain your strength before returning there! We stayed in a hotel located in this neighborhood and it was just perfect!
Since our stays we have seen the building opposite being built 😀

What about you? What are your addresses in Donuts?